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Our Vision

We help you lead with your heart and get to the peak of success in happiness.

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Believe in Yourself

No matter what others say if you truly believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you desire. We help you upgrade your belief system so nothing can stop you from getting to the peak of success with happiness in your heart. Learn more...

Lead with Your Heart

Authentic leadership comes from within. In order to lead with your heart you need to know yourself, your purpose, and your passions. We help you realize your purpose and passion and link them together so you can be the leader of hearts. Learn more...

Succeed in Happiness

Success without happiness has no meaning. Success in happiness is what we should aim for. When you believe in yourself and lead with your heart, your success in happiness is guaranteed. We help you get to the peak of success with a happy heart. Learn more...

Begin YOUR Journey

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a manager, a regular employee, or unemployed we are excited to help you break your limiting boundaries and get to the peak. Begin your journey to greatness today! Learn how...

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Leadership Soup Book

Amazon Best-seller and International Award-winning Finalist, Leadership Soup, by Dr. Kamran Akbarzadeh founder and CEO of International Academy of Leadership & Management provides a healthy yet tasty recipe for authentic leadership and organizational success.

Project Control Training

Business Treasure Map Training

If you want to know how to take yourself and your business to the next level of success, this comprehensive video training with great some amazing bonuses is a must.

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